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My Approach

Wholistic Motus, LLC is a private practice outpatient physical therapy clinic. I adopt a whole body physiotherapy approach to treatment of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular dysfunction.

I treat the spine and pelvis, general orthopedic diagnoses, sport and post-surgical cases, as well as balance and vestibular issues.

If you have joint pain or pain caused by movement, I am at your service.

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(239) 400-JODY (5639)

Sports & Orthopaedics

Performing at your best means moving in ideal patterns. Whether you have joint pain or are recovering from surgical intervention, your path to recovery and strength begins here.

Spine & Sacroiliac

Back pain, whether neck or low back, can bring your movement to a halt. Manual and facilitatory techniques will get you moving back to where you want to be.

Balance & Vestibular

Both balance issues and dizziness can create potentials for falls. But there are interventions to minimize this risk. Improved balance means increased independence.

Marketing Video

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Clinic Location

Wholistic Motus, LLC
2059 Altamont Ave, Suite 105
Fort Myers, FL 33901

Dr. Jody Mohle, PT DPT
Office: 239-400-JODY (5639)
Fax: 866-835-2456

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Dr. Jody Mohle, PT DPT
Sports & Orthopedics | Spine & Sacroiliac | Balance & Vestibular
2059 Altamont Ave Suite 105 | Fort Myers, FL 33901
Office: 239-400-JODY | Fax: 866-835-2456 | Email: [email protected]